Breaking through the phone system!

How not answering the phone will help connect with your customer

Think about the last time you called a company, and were given the run around. “I’ll try to connect you” the perky receptionist said, before dumping you into a permanent hold pattern. After an eternity, someone did pick up the phone, but it was the receptionist again…”I’m sorry, I’m still trying to locate him…” more hold time. Pretty frustrating, isn’t it? So many companies don’t think how inefficient their caller experience really is, and it’s frustrating callers who just want to get right to their salesperson!

Just this week we worked with a fast-paced home sales company who required their calls to be answered live. But with up to 6 people answering the phone, the chance of a caller reaching their dedicated salesperson were pretty slim! “I’ll transfer you” was heard more often than “I can help you!”

Solution? They should have used an Auto-Attendant to answer the phones. Callers would be greeted with a consice greeting, then given the option to speak the name of their salesperson, or enter their extention. If the sales person was available, the caller would be talking (and buying!) in very short order. And if the sales person was not available, the call goes straight to voicemail, where a custom greeting assured they would be called back that same day.

Bottom line? There are companies that should answer the phones with a live person. But there are plenty of times where an Auto-Attendant will actually give your callers what they want, in a more efficient, easy way.

Have you called your company lately? Go ahead, do it now. Comment below on your experience.

Next week, we’ll talk about making an impression over the phone.

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