On-Hold Message Samples

We’re easy to work with! All of our writers and announcers are chosen for their professional work and their pride of getting the message right.

These voice talents bring a wide variety of sounds, styles, and character voices to your production. And we’re delighted to work very closely with them.

At times, a client’s messaging calls for a very specific voice, and we’ve had good success finding just the right voice for the job, even if it’s someone we’ve never worked with before.

Our unique implementation process is one secret to happy customers. We’ll spend as much time as necessary discussing all of your options, including voice talent selection, writing the script, selecting the right music and anticipating the critical times of year for updates and message changes.

You’re just a short step away from experiencing our customized approach. Just pick up the phone and call the number at the top of the page or complete a short contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Click to hear the American Diabetes Association On-Hold message

Diabetes kills more Americans each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. As the number one diabetes advocate in America, the American Diabetes Association needed an easier way to update their 5 main call centers across the United States. Our Internet-connected On-Hold system allows easy management and update of the important American Diabetes Association messages. Katie McCall provides the voice of reassurance.

Click to hear the AmeriGas On-Hold message

AmeriGas wanted to reach contractors with information about how they make it easy to add propane to a home. They also needed to assure customers that AmeriGas is the right choice for home propane service. We do this for them through scripting focused on how AmeriGas services accounts, as well as payment plan options. Brian Holsopple carries this strong production for AmeriGas.

Click to hear the Wagon Yard On-Hold message

For the Wagon Yard, we developed a 2-minute recording using a combination of story telling and informative narrative with music and sound effects. Be sure to listen long enough to hear the child’s voice!

When Big Surf Waterpark wanted to enhance their Caller Experience, while making sure it stayed true to their brand, they asked Prosound to create the bridge between the real world, and the phone world. We were able to give voice to their shark mascot, Gil the Shark, in this fun and engaging On-Hold message. This particular message uses a variety of voices to keep the message fresh and interesting. Brian Holsopple stars as the voice of Gil the Shark!

Click to hear the Charlottesville Glass and Mirror On-Hold message

Talking about windows could be dull and boring, but not with Charlottesville Glass and Mirror! With a message that grabs callers by the ear, while at the same time focusing on premium window products, we help Charlottesville Glass and Mirror get their message out in a fun, creative way. We think you can’t help but smile as you hear what we’ve done for CGM! This a great example of true Voice Acting, followed up by an excellent delivery from a special out-of-house voice!

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