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Chester Hull - CCEOChester Hull – Caller Experience Evangelist, Writer, Voice
As Caller Experience Evangelist with Prosound, Chester is passionate¬†about helping companies transform caller experiences through Call Flow design, On-Hold messaging, Auto-Attendant/IVR messaging, and Phone Etiquette training.His passion for technology has helped position Prosound to be prepared for the future, and to help clients find better ways to communicate with callers. Chester just published the book¬†Hold the Cheese!…How to Transform Your Caller’s Experience
Steve Wilhoff - Creative ConsultantSteve Wilhoff – Creative Consultant
Steve has been writing marketing copy for various media marketing applications for over 8 years. From radio to TV spots, jingles to commentaries, newsletters to new concepts, Steve peels back the obvious to expose the personality and style of your product or service, making it shine and shimmer in the eyes of your potential customers. While approaching each order with an artistic eye, Steve melds written and verbal communication with over 24 years of sales experience. The result is a stunning, articulate presentation that motivates your target market to action.
Katie McCall - Voice Talent

Katie McCall – Voice
As a voice talent for Prosound, Katie is available for a wide range of voicing styles, including announcer, commercial, fun, and real people. Click on Katie’s picture to hear her sample, or you can listen to Katie on our Samples page!


Brian Holsopple - Voice Talent

Brian Holsopple – Voice
Brian has a broad range of vocal and voice acting styles, from laid back, armchair storytelling delivery to authoritative documentary narrative, and many exaggerated character voices in between! He has a penchant for the comic but is equally at home with serious delivery. Click on Brian’s picture to hear his demo, or you can listen to Brian on our Samples page!

Lisa Leonards - Voice Talent

Lisa Leonard – Voice
Lisa Leonards knack for interpreting copy, combined with her warm, inviting voice, makes for very happy clients! She blends approachability and authority, and is a friendly, genuine communicator who loves bringing words on a page to life. Click on Lisa’s picture to hear her demo, or you can listen to more on our Samples page!

Matt Morea - Voice Talent

Matt Morea – Voice
Matt has performed hundreds of voice overs since he started in 2010. His American English voice has been called: friendly, guy-next-door, intelligent, believable, crisp, upbeat, and fun. Some clients include Twix, Intel, Scholastic, Volkswagen, Dow Jones, Panasonic, and PEZ. Ever since Matt was little, he was imitating the voices he heard on television. Friends would often, and still do, urge him to do impressions. This interest in mimicry eventually led him to voice overs. He can also perform several accents, like New York, Russian, Boston, and more. listen to Matt on our Samples page!

JoJo Jensen - Voice Talent, Writer

JoJo Jensen – Voice, Writer
If you are looking for a smooth mid-range voice for narration or a goofy character for games, or something in between, JoJo is your voice! With more than fifteen years experience, JoJo has voiced every type of recording project possible. From mass-market commercials to small distribution industrials, educational video games to on-hold messages, JoJo has voiced lots of everything. Click on JoJo’s picture to hear her demo, or you can listen to more on our Samples page!

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