Evaluate Your Caller Experience

Have you ever been frustrated when calling into your own company? Imagine how your customers feel!

Ever hear of a secret shopper? That’s when a company hires people to buy stuff and report back on how employees are handling things.

Think of us as secret callers. We’ll phone in (anywhere in the U.S. or Canadaother cultures might have different expectations!) and see how your employees, Auto-Attendant, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) handle the call. We’ll record the call, and offer suggestions for improvement, checking your staff and system against our exclusive 14-point checklist of phone etiquette.

We’ll also evaluate your current message system for friendliness, accuracy and coherence to your brand message.

Here’s a “Before and After” sample of how one company used this service to transform their Caller Experience.

Before Prosound


After Prosound

Before Prosound After Prosound

If you want to hear more great messages, check our samples page.

Our $599 $299 14-Point Caller Experience Evaluation Checklist:

Live Answer:

  • Greeting
  • Tone
  • Competency
  • Transfer/Hold Etiquette


  • Stucture
  • Clarity of Choices
  • Personality
  • Number of Options


  • Music
  • Voice
  • Content
  • Personality
  • Length
  • Sound Quality

$599 $299 with our
One-Conditional Guarantee

“One-Conditional Guarantee”

Don’t worry…our “One-Conditional Guarantee” makes sure that your Caller Experience Evaluation is well worth it. If we can’t improve your Caller Experience, simply notify us in writing. We’ll refund your purchase in full. Simple.