Our Process for Developing and Installing Your Custom System

It might surprise you to find out that most of our clients have never had an on-hold message system before. What really tickles us is that very few of our clients have ever left us for a competitor.

It would be nice to claim that they love us because we’re just so lovable and friendly. We know better. Our customers want professional, reliable and responsive, and that’s what we deliver. (If you really want lovable and friendly…we recommend adopting a dog from a shelter.) Give us a call and we’ll get your show on the road.

Here’s how we do it:

Once we have an initial conversation, either on the phone or in person, to understand what kinds of Call Experience transformation you need, we’ll craft a proposal and email that to you.


You approve the agreement, and return it to us to authorize us to take the next step…a call profile uncovery. We’ll talk with you about the types of phone calls you get, the number of calls in a week, and other questions that will help profile your callers. This can take a couple of hours to fully explore all the aspects of the telephone interactions you have with callers. From there, we’ll craft the first script, and send it to you for a review.

Approximate Timeline: 1-2 Hours
Our Responsibilities: Uncover the untold story that will resonate with your callers
Your Responsibilities: Educate us about your customer

Crafting the Script

From the Uncovery to sending you the script generally takes about 4-5 days. This gives us time to fully research what we need to know about your business.

Once you approve the script, we’ll note if you have any particular preferences on voice and music, and we’ll make recommendations based on our experience, the type of business you have, and other factors.

Approximate Timeline: About 1 Week
Our Responsibilities: Craft script based on Uncovery
Your Responsibilities: Review and approve script


We’ll then produce the first messaging, and send it to you for approval. (After many years of working with us, most clients get to where they like what we produce, and know that it will sound good, so they skip this step for future updates).

Approximate Timeline: About 1 Week
Our Responsibilities: Transform script into production
Your Responsibilities: Review and approve final production


Once the production is completed and approved, we’ll coordinate having our playback equipment installed (if necessary) on your phone system. This usually takes about an hour, but does not interrupt your phone calls or your normal business. In other words, we can do this during your normal hours, and you won’t even know we’re there!

Once the equipment is installed, we’ll verify that the messages are all working correctly, and we’re done!

Approximate Timeline: About 1 hour
Our Responsibilities: Coordinate installation at your location
Your Responsibilities: Provide access to phone room

We rinse and repeat how ever often we’ve determined with you to update your messaging, and the longer you’re with us, the smoother the process goes!

If you ever have a question along the way, we’re available by email or phone, and certainly you may contact us anytime if there you have a question or an issue with the messaging we’ve installed.