Bonfire Telephone Training

With over a decade in this business, we’ve seen it all. We know bad phone practices when we hear them. We also know what good phone sounds like.

Your customer service and telephone sales interactions depend on the skill level of the person a customer speaks to – they will either make or break your company’s reputation with that customer.

Customer service and telephone skills training are critical to creating loyal and satisfied customers, and that’s where our partnership with the training experts at Bonfire Training comes in. Bonfire can help you and your team reignite the spark of amazing customer service experiences.

Telephone Etiquette & Customer Service training includes:

Phone Etiquette Fundamentals

  • A short, consistent greeting that will begin each and every call on a positive note
  • A call close that will ensure a positive lasting impression
  • Best practices for placing callers on hold, screening or transferring calls, avoiding
    “dead air” and more…

Call Control and Empathy

  • Engaging the caller while managing call times
  • Vocabulary choices for maintaining control of the phone call
  • The importance of empathy and its role in succesful communication

Handling Irate Callers – the Basics

  • A step by step formula to handle difficult or irate callers
  • How to prevent call escalation and increase first call resolution
  • How to keep cool and not bring stress into the next call

Voice Tone, Attitude and Personal Contribution

  • Maintaining a positive voice tone even on a “bad day”
  • How their attitude directly affects the service they provide
  • Seeing a customer service position as meaningful and contributing to the company’s success
  • …and more!

“On a scale of 1 to 10, our training was a 12. This means happier customer service reps and happier customers.” – Bonfire customer

If you’d like to see how Bonfire Training will transform your Caller Experience, contact Bonfire to help you determine which program is right for you!

Meanwhile, you can watch a demo of Bonfire E-Learning training.