Can technology forge stronger relationships?

Making your callers feel good about your company starts the moment your phone is answered. If you want to forge strong relationships, you won’t give your callers the runaround. And oftentimes, having a “live answer only” policy will actually frustrate your callers!
Let’s consider the example of a recent home sales client. They felt that having a live person answer the phone, every call, would be the best way to serve their customers.

In the case of this company, each new homebuyer works with a dedicated salesperson to customize their experience. But with four salespeople answering the call, it would be unlikely that a customer would speak directly with their salesperson without being put on-hold or transferred!

A better solution would be for the company to implement a custom Auto-attendant. Yes, that goes against the grain of customer service, but consider how it would feel to reach an auto attendant, with the option of connecting directly with your salesperson! (some even give the option to reach them by cell phone if they’re not available!) Which means less hold time, less transferring, and only one time of having to explain why they are calling!

You can enrich your caller’s experience with an Auto-attendant. Yes, you can use technology to actually improve your relationships with your customers.

Next week we’ll talk about what image you are presenting to your customers.

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