Why you hate On-Hold music

You’re standing 6 rows back, and just to the right of center, facing the stage. The sky above the field dimming as the light trusses blaze brighter. In a flurry side stage, you glimpse them, last minute preparations…and now they’re on stage, kicking off one of the greatest (or the first) concert you’ve ever heard!

So what is it about the music that makes it so popular? How can bands like U2 remain for so long, and command such a high ticket price?

It’s because of the emotion…the experience. Music carries emotion. It can replay memories more powerful than reality. Trigger aroma’s stronger than they ever were. And place us once again with our first romantic love. Music is a portal…a time machine to take us to lands and times close…and far away.

So what does this have to do with On-Hold music? Just do a Twitter search for “on-hold”, and you’ll see what people think of the music: “On hold with health insurance co – I refused their elevator hold music intended to make you give up and hang up – give me dead air any day.”

…and ” I wonder if there been any new on-hold music recorded since 1987.”

Do we not like music from pre-1997? No, of course not! (see: Rolling Stones, Beatles) It’s that there is no emotional connection to the music we are hearing.

 So how can you make your On-Hold message and music more effective? Deliver a great experience that’s more than just the music! Write your On-Hold message from the caller’s point of view, rather than your company’s point of view. Make it about the customer, and they’ll make their purchases about you!

Give them an emotional connection through pinpoint relevant writing, great delivery, and the music will be a part of the thread that holds it together, but not the main focus point.

Try it. You might hear your callers say: “put me back On-hold…I want to hear more of that!” (we’ve heard that from our clients!)

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