Virginia National Bank chooses a brand new Caller Experience

We are very excited to be transforming the caller experience for Virginia National Bank throughout Virginia with a new Custom On-Hold message! Virginia National Bank is a true community bank, meeting the needs of the communities it serves, and sharing in it’s growth.

VNB opened in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1998 with more than 900 local shareholders. Their mission has always been to provide great personal service, local access to decision makers, and continuity in your relationship.
The people at VNB really do know you by name, and work hard to make your banking relationship with them a great one! At VNB, it really is “all about people, and always will be.”
Virginia National Bank also believes in supporting local nonprofit organizations– organizations that serve as advocates for those whose needs could easily be overlooked.

VNB was playing generic, built-in music that came with their phone system to callers who had to be On-Hold. Through understanding what their goals were for phone interactions, we were able to design a custom On-Hold solution that carries the VNB message to their customers…unifying the contact points across VNB with the same messaging.

Virginia National Bank also uses the On-Hold message to highlight community involvment and activities they sponsor, like the Charlottesville 10 Miler, and other arts and crafts events.

Prosound has used the customer’s time On-Hold to extend the warm, caring experience of Virginia National Bank to each caller.

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