Sound Branding

“A talking shark?”

“Yes, we’d like to give your shark mascot a voice for your On-Hold message. You already use the shark for your website, and you even have a full-size shark costume that represents you at community events and stuff. We love that, and we’d just like to bring that mascot to your callers by giving him a voice.”

“But what does a shark sound like?” (Laughing now)

“Leave that to us…we’ll dig into it.”

“Okay, that sounds interesting. I’ll look forward to hearing what you come up with!”

And with that, Gil the Shark found his voice for Big Surf Waterpark. A slightly sophisticated, experienced shark. Friendly and approachable, with a clear Australian accent:

Gil – Experienced

And now the callers could experience the same fun connection with Gil that you get when you visit the water park or you meet Gil around the community.

The phone is unique in that all the available sensory stimuli are compressed into one: Sound. How you sound becomes critical for influencing the caller in a positive way.

An Audio Brand denotes your company. It can be subtle and simple, or it can be loud and proud. But it is created to connect with your customers through the powerful medium of sound. An Audio Brand triggers connections to your callers’ experiences with your company.

You may be thinking that your business or your brand doesn’t really have a sound. That there doesn’t need to be consistency for something you haven’t got! But think about what you represent to customers when they walk into your place of business. There is sight. There is smell. There is touch. In some cases, there is taste. And there is sound. The complete sensory picture. For better or for worse, you have a few moments to draw that customer in, or to send him or her running to the door, never to return!

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