Should You Network Your On-Hold player?

Hybrid 7100 Rack On-hold PlayerRecently I was in a meeting explaining the advantages of the network-connected On-Hold players that we use.

The client was asking if we could update their message in between normal updates…if something special came along, or they needed to make a change.

We need to update our On-Hold message TODAY!

Prosound can do that. Because we’ve standardized on network-connected On-Hold players. Initially, that may not mean much to a client. But call us up with an urgent request to remove a particular message, or to add a special announcement, and you’ll understand the difference.

Once we have the production completed, we load it to our clients within an hour. Done. No matter where in the world they are, and no matter how many sites they have. And the same is true for unexpected changes.

We’ve had clients call us up and ask us to remove one portion of their message, and “could you do it as soon as possible?” We’re able to update that message right away, without having send out a new CD or USB drive, and rely on someone at each site to load it properly. (Does your staff even know where the phone system is located?)

But what about security? We can’t afford a security breech.

Right. We can’t either. We have no inbound access to our network-connected On-Hold units. They simply connect out to us, the same way a browser on your computer does. Only instead of being able to browse to good and bad sites, our units only go to one specific place…our Audio Server.

In fact, we use these players in some of the most data-sensitive companies, like hospitals, banks, and insurance companies.

New companies…new names…

Recently we were involved in another successful client-merger for Landmark Aviation. We worked with both Landmark and Odyssey Aviation to prepare for the merger. Writing scripts, crafting productions, and scheduling installations. But the key to making it work smoothly for Landmark Aviation, was our ability to schedule the On-Hold messages to “go live” at each site at an exact time, on the exact day.

And their staff didn’t have to do a thing. No remembering to load a CD or USB thumbdrive. We simply made it happen automatically.

Which is why clients say things like

Thanks for ‘just handling this’ for us!

It’s what we’re here to do for you!

….and, thank you!

You’re welcome. We love being about to do this!

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