Monday Morning quarterbacking…for your business

So, what do you think? Of the ads I mean! Frankly, as I go back and watch the Super Bowl Ads this morning, there’s not one that really jumps out at me as being terrificly “super” (pun intended!)

Don’t get me wrong, there were some good ads. But I’m not really here to start a discussion about which ads were the best, and which were the worst.

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, you watch those ads with some envy…and grimace at the $2.5 – $2.8 Million dollars that 30 seconds of fame would cost you. (Not including production and actor’s pay, of course!) What can a small business on Main Street, Anytown USA do to compete?

How about radically overdeliverSeth Godin had an interesting blog postyesterday about using the service your deliver as an inexpensive marketing tool. It turns out that focusing on doing a great job with the small things…each and every customer interaction…is a cheap and effective marketing technique! And who knew…you have the tools you need to be successful right inside the four walls of your business!

Consumers are expecting more and more, making it an ever-growing challenge to “over-deliver”. So have you thought about your customers’ Caller Experience lately? You might want to evaluate what your callers hear whenever they call your company. What do they hear when they are placed On-Hold? A static-y radio…silence?

Are you doing the “least you could do” or are you over-delivering on their expectations?

It doesn’t take $2.5 million dollars and a celebrity endorsement to over-deliver to your customers. But be careful…you just might change the world!

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