Don’t Play the Radio On-Hold!

Retro RadioHave you ever been “invited” to be put On-Hold, and found yourself listening to the static of an unknown radio station? It happened to me recently. I called a prominent, nationwide company‘s local office, and when I was put On-Hold…I heard a radio station that was just slightly off the channel, resulting in a lot of static. Listening to a static radio station isn’t a great way to give me a good feeling about the company.

“Of course,” you say, “in your business, you’re a lot more tuned into thinking about the On-Hold experience.” True. But have you paid attention to what your callers are saying about your On-Hold experience?

Want a real-time view of what callers hate (and like!) to hear while they’re On-Hold? Go to, and search for On-Hold. Then call your company. Ask to be put On-Hold, and walk a few minutes in the shoes (or “ears”) of your customer. The experience might change you….If it encourages you to start talking to your caller, in his language, and transforming your caller experience, then great!

Anything less, and you’re really just tuning static.

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