Bringing “local” to your callers

There’s an interesting story last week about how the City of Portland is replacing boring hold music with local bands’ songs.

Sure, no one likes to wait, but since it’s a fact of life, we figured we ought to make your time on hold as interesting and entertaining as we can. (Portland’s Mayor, Sam Adams)

Hmmm, now THERE’S a new idea! Making things interesting and entertaining, during the inevitable times in life that we have to wait. And it’s not the first…similar programs have been previously launched in Seattle and Austin.

So what is your business doing to make things fun and exciting for your callers? Are there local talents you can highlight? What about right in your own company…maybe not for music, but what about for product tips, service ideas, or ways to use your products?

There is no law that says On-Hold time has to be boring! What will YOU do to make your next customer’s Caller Experience a great one?

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