Are you making it personal?

A while back I was reviewing an advertising mailer that a guy I know was sending out. (Ok, it wasn’t that he had ASKED me to review it, that part just comes naturally when looking at ads!)

There was a picture of the owner leaning up against his tractor.

Appalachian Dirt Works








And the caption? “A quality job is our guarantee”.

I saw it and thought…”now that looks nice…here is a pretty people-friendly guy, reaching out on a personal level, to make a face-to-face connection with a potential customer”.

But what was glaring to me was the caption. He spent the money to have his picture made, and put on this mailer. His image…his repuation are put on the line for each job. So I changed one word.

The new caption reads: “A quality job is my guarantee”

See the difference? In fact, you can almost hear the guy’s voice saying it now, even if you’ve never heard him speak before!

So what about you? Does your business operate on a very personal, one-to-one level? If so, are your customer interactions taylored to build that personality? Or are you building a large, “corporate” image, while your interactions…the core of you, are really at a personal level?

It’s ok to seem larger than you are. Unless you’re marketing yourself!

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