Your customers are listening, are you?

It’s not often we get this kind of straightforward feedback from customers: “I’m spending too much time On-Hold”, or “Every time I call, I get put On-Hold, and I don’t like it!”

When customers have the guts to speak up and tell you what you’re doing wrong, it would be best to listen.

But it takes really listening, not just to what they are saying, but what they are meaning. If someone is calling your company to see if their order came in, there is a certain expectation that they will have to wait for you to find out if it has arrived.

Yet these same people would say “I’m spending too much time On-Hold” or “whatever you do, don’t put me On-Hold”. So in essence, they are expecting to wait, but they are asking not to make them wait. Hmmmm…

Have you ever been somewhere, expecting to have a mediocre experience, but you came away surprised at how much you enjoyed it! (I sure have!)

Most people’s experience and expectation with being On-Hold is one of frustration, anxiety, and disgust. They’ve experienced the silence (“Am I still connected?” “Did they hang up on me?”), the radio station (“Exactly the kind of music I don’t listen to. “Don’t they know this radio station is not tuned in?”), and Rhapsody in Blue on repeat (Yes, I’m looking at you, United Airlines!)

So what could your customers be saying? They may be telling you that the experience of being On-Hold at your business makes them want to hurl their phone through the window. (or some other nearby glass object) They may be telling you that this is one area of your business that is not drawing them in to do more business with you.

Have someone unrelated call in your business, and get put On-Hold. Have them evaluate the experience. Is it silence? Do you have a message playing, but the volume is so loud that you can’t understand what’s being said? Is it so soft that the sound is dropping out? (Hint: the volume of your On-Hold message should be the same level as your receptionist answering the phone).
Is the radio in tune? One of the hazards of using a radio for your On-Hold is the ease of having the antenna bumped, or station changed. (not to mention the fact that playing the radio On-Hold is illegal in most cases)

So what kind of experience are providing for your callers? Is it an environment that is pleasing to your callers?

And if your customers are talking to you about it, are you listening to what they are telling you?

If you’d like some help knowing what you need to do, check out our Secret Caller service.

And here’s an interesting anonymous tool for reporting good and bad On-Hold experiences: Next time your On-hold and waiting, check it out.

And finally, a thought to leave you with…What if you delighted your callers?

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