10 Rules of Auto-Attendants (Part 9)

There are times when your Auto-Attendant or Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system simply isn’t going to provide what your caller wants.

Those times are one reason you have live agents, and you shouldn’t make it difficult for callers to find them.

And this brings us to Rule #9 of Melanie Polkosky’sThe Hooptedoodle of Phone“ article:

9. Don’t go into detail explaining why you can’t do what the user wants: These details, provided in the impersonal context of an IVR, only reinforce the perception of poor customer service. If you want to retain customers, then give them what they want, quickly and without fanfare. If you can’t accommodate a customer request, then the most appropriate response is apology and restitution.

Simple. If you can’t deliver it with your automated system, don’t spend time explaining why.
Either fix it so you can provide that, or gracefully hand callers off to a live person that can handle their request.

Nobody likes a whiner. Don’t let your Aut0-Attendant whine!


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