Community Bank

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Mr. Snider,

Great! Now that you’re here, I want to show you the difference between what the current Caller Experience is like at the Community Bank branches, and what Prosound could be doing for Community Bank branches with our custom On-Hold Message service.

Here’s an actual phone call to Community Bank’s North Parkersburg branch on April 21st, 2010:

Community Bank – North Parkersburg Branch

Rocking out to “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”, and “Five O’Clock World”! (Is that really what your callers want to hear? Do you know?) I suspect that if your customers wanted to listen to their favorite song from “The Temptations” or “The Vogues”, they probably wouldn’t choose to call your bank to do so.

Now here’s a quick sample of what it could sound like for customers being placed On-Hold or transferred:

Community Bank – On-Hold Sample

Of course, that was just an example of what we could do for you. Before we craft an entire script, we would work with your team on doing a full business uncovery, to help us know exactly what needs to be said in the message, and how to say it the most interesting and salient way.

We know that coordinating the On-Hold message to be consistent across locations is going to be the best way to maintain the premium Community Bank image. So I’m asking for you to seize control of this marketing opportunity to reach customers at the crucial point of depositing money with Community Bank.

Now is the best time to roll this out, so that you can begin strengthening those customer relationship as soon as possible, (and also so callers who don’t like Motown will like Community Bank more!)

Here’s a few ways to connect:

  • If you’re convinced that your branches could stand some improvement, pick up the phone and let’s talk. you can reach me at 877.677.6768. Just ask for Chester (that’s me!)
  • If you’d prefer to send me an email, just fill out a quick form and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours. (or the next business day if it’s the weekend)
  • If you’re not sure how bad it is, we can do a full evaluation and let you know specifically what and how we could improve it. Pick one of your top branches, and we’ll do a full Caller Experience Evaluation. That’s our  Secret Callers service…we’ll record the interaction, and give you a report based on our 14 point checklist, of areas to target improvement.

No matter which way you decide to connect, I hope this will get you thinking about the entire Caller Experience, and how much it impacts your customer loyalty!

I look forward to hearing from you!