Fisher Auto Parts

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Great! Now that you’re here, I want to highlight the differences between what Prosound could be doing for Fisher Auto Parts locations, and what the Caller Experience is like at Fisher Auto Parts locations that are not yet using our custom On-Hold messaging service.

Here’s an actual phone call to a Fisher Auto Parts location that is not yet using Prosound:


Whoa! That music is definitely not what you’d want to spend any time listening to, is it? How do you think that makes your callers feel?

Now here’s what it would sound like for customers to call your location once you start using Prosound:


Wow, what a difference!

Knowing that your On-Hold message player is alive and well is part of the built-in advantage of using Prosound. We constantly monitor your system to make sure everything is working properly.

This also gives us the added advantage of being able to make near-instant changes to your system, when the need arrives. And your staff doesn’t have to be bothered to load a CD or memory chip in a unit at each location. The update simply happens automatically.

We know that coordinating the On-Hold message to be consistent across locations is going to be the best way to maintain the premium Fisher Auto Parts image. So I’m asking for you to seize control of this marketing opportunity to reach customers at the crucial point of spending money with Fisher.

Now is the best time to roll this out, so that as calls come in during your busy times, your customers won’t have to hear canned music, “beeps”, or worse yet, silence!

Here’s three ways to take the next step:

    • If you know your Caller Experience could stand some improvement, pick up the phone and let’s talk. you can reach me at 877.677.6768. Just ask for Chester
    • Download the service agreement here and we’ll take it from there! (remember, it’s not a contract! You’re never locked in to using our service!)
    • If you’re not sure how bad it is, we can evaluate that and let you know. Pick one of your top stores, and we’ll do a full Caller Experience Evaluation. That’s our  Secret Callers service…we’ll record the interaction, and give you a report based on our 14 point checklist, of areas to target improvement.

No matter which way you decide to connect, I hope this will get you thinking about the entire Caller Experience, and how much it impacts your customer loyalty!

I look forward to hearing from you!