“We Finance!” (or, “Grabbing your Customer’s Attention”)

So I’m driving down the road today, past “Used Car Alley”. It looks like the Banner and Flag company just made a run through the area, because EVERY store has a new roadside flag or banner.

And what do I see at one of the used car dealers? An 8 foot tall vertical flag proclaiming: “We Finance!”

WeFinance Banner

Now, think about it. Have you ever seen or been to a car dealer (new OR used) that DIDN’T finance? Doesn’t everyone know that financing is an integral part of the car dealer’s offering?

 So couldn’t it be more powerful for the auto dealer to use that brief advertising moment with a potential buyer, to let them know something pertinant to the sale of a vehicle?

What if the dealer said that they offer a free CarFax with every car?

Or a free fuel fill up?

Or Oil Changes for Life, when you purchase from them?

 Those messages would be much more compelling, and much more likely to grab a potential buyer’s attention, amidst all the other dealers.

So what about you? What messages are you or your company paying good money to get out, to which nobody is paying attention? Is your marketing just adding to the “marketing clutter”?

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