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Why do they buy?

Knowing why your customers choose to buy from you may feel knowable, or at least some mysterious combination of factors that include finding just the right wording, the current weather, and a little bit of magic dust.

But as Jeffrey and Brian Eisenberg remind us in this article, there are some pretty specific reasons!

It may be Convenience, a Fad or Innovation, Ego Stroking…, or even Peer-Pressure.

Whatever it may be (and it’s certainly different for different customers!) have you thought about how you’re speaking to them? The words you use in your social media posts, blogs, website, radio/tv ads, and yes, your On-Hold message, will either resonate with them, or completely miss the mark.

Resonate, and you’ve helped move that customer closer to a sale. Miss the mark, and you might as well not be talking.

The Eisenbrothers came up with 20 reasons. Can you think of others they may have missed?

Wouldn’t now be a good time to review your On-Hold message to see what resonates with your callers?