Delivering continuity

I received a postcard in the mail last week. The smiling face of Tiger Woods stared up at me, while his testimonial told me that after all his research, he chose TLC to do his laser vision correction.

“So what?” you say? “Celebrities get paid to endorse all KINDS of things everyday!”

Well this post isn’t about celebrity endorsements. It’s about continuity in advertising. It’s about making the customer feel comfortable by providing the follow-up that they expect.

And here’s what I mean. I have been considering laser surgery for some time. So the mailer was a great reminder to make an appointment.

When I walked in to the TLC office, I was again greeted by Tiger Woods. (not in person of course…but a poster) There were some other marketing collatoral peices continuing Tiger’s theme of “I did all the research, and chose TLC”.

I didn’t think too much of it until I was left alone in the exam room, waiting for the doctor. As I looked around, I spied a large poster of Tiger Woods on the golf course. It didn’t say anything about laser surgery, or TLC, but there he was, reinforcing the message. Reinforcing MY decision to be there. And in the back of my mind I heard a little “click”. That “click” was the connection being made. The advertising said “Here is someone you know…someone you probably trust. They’ve done a bunch of research, and THIS is the best place to have your eyesight corrected. After all, you only have one set of eyes. And since Tiger has done all the research…you don’t have to!” THAT’S the key! Don’t waste your time researching it…some with more at stake than you have has made the decision for you.

And there, in the dimly light exam room, was a big poster of Tiger, reinforcing that decision.

So, TLC has done a great job of a unified, continuous advertising message. It never let me down. It was always there, friendly and consistent.

Now how about a contrast?

I was reading the news, and a banner ad for Mcdonalds popped up:

“FREE McGriddles – Click It. Get It.”

Ok, so maybe I’m dense, but I clicked all over the McDonald’s website looking for how to get free McGriddles. Nothing. Couldn’t find another mention of it anywhere!

It was quite frustrating! Not that I crave a McGriddle, but that I wanted it for free! And they wouldn’t give it to me!

So how about your marketing? Are you following through with your offers? Is your marketing consistent…delivering a unified message?

Or are you frustrating callers by advertising something you’re not delivering?

Because if you’re not delivering, your customers will see right through your advertising…with or without laser surgery.

Food for thought…

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