Updating your On-Hold message…around the globe!

For some companies, it’s fairly easy to update their On-Hold message. They simply walk over to the phone system, insert a USB stick, and they’re done.

But what happens when you need to coordinate updating 32 locations around the world, and they all have to be updated at the same time, on a specific day?

Well, you do what Piedmont Hawthorne did and trust Prosound to handle the message updating with Network-connected On-Hold players.

Piedmont Hawthorne was in the process of completing the aquisition of Garrett Aviation, and changing the new combined company name to Landmark Aviation. The On-Hold message was a key part of the marketing reach, especially to existing customer bases for both companies. But it had to be timed exactly right.

We worked with Piedmont Hawthorne for several weeks prior to the roll-out to develop messaging that would introduce the new company brand, while not alienating previous brand loyalists.

We also put in place the Net7000 On-Hold message player at each location, to prepare for the update. The Net7000 is a network-connected On-hold player. It plugs into the company network, and accesses our secure Audio Server to download updates and changes…automatically.

The units were installed at each location, which consisted of simply plugging in the network cable, the audio cable, and the power cable. These units are set to pick up their IP address by DHCP, so it was quite a smooth process to install them.
These units connect to our Audio Server over an outbound-only connection, via port 80. That makes them more secure then the computer at your front desk! They are also programmed to check back multiple times each day, so they’ll know right away when new content has been scheduled to download.
We have a great deal of control over scheduling and updating these units, which gives us a tremendous capability to coordinate with a new brand roll-out such as Landmark Aviation!

We produced the new On-Hold messages for Landmark, and loaded them into our Audio Server.

The productions and roll-out dates were assigned to the Net7000 players.

Everything was set for a seamless brand introduction.

On the day the new company was announced, the units downloaded the new productions right on schedule, and began playing right away. All automatically. The staff at each location had enough on their hands without having to worry about updating the On-Hold message!

We were able to handle this in an efficient, brand supporting way, because of the use of our Net7000 On-Hold message player.

These are the types of situations that have made us standardize on the Net7000. When a client asks if we can update their message for a holiday, unscheduled closing, or last minute sale, we have the capability to do so…quickly and easily.

Network-connected On-Hold players are one more way we help companies transform their caller experience!

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