On-Hold Message Calms Angry Man

I walked into a meeting with a client recently, to

Calm Down

discuss updating their On-Hold message. As I sat down, the business owner said “Let me tell you a story.”

Well, I’m always up for a good story, so I listened.

And here’s the strange tale that I heard!

“The other day” says Mr. Owner, “we received a call from a customer whose job had not been going well. There were issues…some our fault, and some not. But things kept piling up until the customer got pretty upset! He called us up because he was frustrated, and wanted to get his problem solved right here and now. The receptionist answered the phone and listened to the customer explain his story. Knowing that the only possibility of making this customer happy was for him to talk directly to me, she placed him On-Hold while she located me. I took a deep breath and reached for the phone, ready to be yelled at by an angry customer.”

“I was greeting by laughter. That’s right, the caller had gone from irate to laughing, in the few minutes he was On-Hold! He said he really enjoyed our On-Hold message, and we talked about the ways we try to have fun with the On-Hold message.”

“We then proceeded to quickly clear up the issues with the job, and get things back on track. But only because of the On-Hold message we have with Prosound. That’s one thing I know we’re doing right!”

And there you have it. Proof of the therapeutic power of On-Hold Messaging. (cue the “ommmmm’s” and the strings”)

Does YOUR caller experience powered by strings, monks, and angels? Or do callers believe you use a pitchfork to push the Hold button?

With a little work, your On-Hold message can be heavenly!

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