“This offer ends September 30th…”

I heard a radio ad today that ended with this line. The ad was for GM Goodwrench, and was advertising an “oil change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection” bundle. Fairly standard fair for any dealer, service shop, or quick lube facility.

I mean, you can pretty much roll up to any one of a dozen places in your home town, and within 45 minutes, be out the door, having new oil, rotated tires, and a “multi-point inspection” (whatever that means!), all for around $30-$50 bucks!

So the thing that made this ad a bit odd, was that not only was it “advertising” the standard fare that you can get anywhere (no real reason to go to that location), but it didn’t even include a price in the offer! Yet the end of the ad was filled with “Ad-speak”, ending with “This offer ends September 30th.”

Does that mean they won’t offer the “multi-point inspection” after September? I’ll only be able to get the oil change and tire rotation for the (non-) advertised price? What a dissapointment! I think I’ll rush in their right now!

Have you thought about the ads that you’re running? Do they sound like ads? Do you think you’re making an offer, when in the mind of your listener (read: next customer) it doesn’t even pass the “so what?” test?

If you’re going to make an offer, make it something worth listening to! Make it something that will have your listeners sitting up and taking notice!
Not just next offer in a never ending stream of ‘sales’.

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