Sound is Engineered

“Sonic branding is about getting something that sticks in someone’s head and is not going away, even if you’re not watching or not paying attention, you hear that sound and you know it.” — Alex Moulton, Creative Director at Expansion Team

Did you know that Mercedes employs twelve engineers who are dedicated to fine-tuning the sound of opening and closing doors? Mercedes really takes its sonic brand seriously!

The sound a can of Pringles potato chips makes when opened is engineered to make you associate the product with freshness.

Brands you know by sound

Branding by sound is not a new concept. You would probably be surprised by how many brands have been consistently paying attention to how they sound for many years! How many of these brands can you identify by their signature sounds?



Are you paying attention to the sound of branding all around you?

Audio Branding is about much more than simply having your secretary record the new Auto-Attendant greeting. Effective Audio Branding is engineered to complement and enhance your company’s sensory touch points. Audio Branding is as important to your customer as your visual brand. How important is it to you?

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