Designing an “Audio Brand” is a critical piece of your Customer Experience

Katz Creative created a very compelling presentation called the Power of Sound.

In it, Julian Treasure, author of Sound Business, says:

“Sight and hearing must be considered the twin major senses for two reasons. First, they can both carry specific messages: we can say exactly what we want in either vision or sound. Second, sight and hearing can both be broadcast, and they are therefore the only two mass communication senses. So far, nobody has found a way of broadcasting smells or tastes.”

In 1999, three scientists got together to study the influence of sound on product sales. Over a two-week period, French and German music was played on alternate days at an in-store display of French and German wines. French music led to French wines outselling German ones, whereas German music led to the opposite effect on sales.

Obviously, sound plays a critical role in the emotional connection a customer makes to your product or company.

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