Answer with a Smile

The best way to convey cheerfulness on the phone is to be excited about answering it! When I was a kid, every phone call was an event. My sister and I raced each other to the nearest phone, knocking down tables, leaping over toys, and diving or sometimes sliding around the corner…arms reaching to grab the phone. And yet, as out of breath as we may have been, we would somehow be able to control the breathing, control the excitement of getting there first, and answer the phone with a clear “Hello?”…and a solid question mark on the end of the word.

Even when you don’t feel especially happy, it’s hard NOT to improve your mood by simply lifting up the corners of your mouth. Go ahead…try it now! Now with a great big smile on your face, try to be angry! Go ahead; I dare you! The reason smiling works is because the human body associates physical responses with associated emotion. So when you smile, it automatically lifts your emotions, in turn making you happier!

Remember this…happiness is frequently a choice. So make up your mind to be happy…BEFORE you pick up the phone…even if it’s for the ninety-eighth time today!

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