Ten Mistakes You’re Making with your Voicemail messages

Today’s post comes from Dan O’ Day, the highly opinionated radio advertising guru and radio talent/morning show coach. He talks about the 10 mistakes you’re making every time you leave a voicemail.

See, great Caller Experiences start before your customer or prospect even calls your business. After all, something has to get them to call in and experience your company. Whether it’s a cold call or a warm lead follow-up, the message you leave on that prospect’s voicemail will have the biggest impact on whether they decide to call you back or not.

Are you surprised by having to leave a voicemail?

Do you know exactly what you’re going to say before you pick up the phone?

Are you measuring the wrong numbers?

Read Dan’s excellent commentary on how to leave an effective voicemail. (hint: he defines “effective” as “getting people to call you back”. Isn’t that the point?)

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