I don’t know how to say this, but…

I had a great experience today from a company that I’m very familiar with, but didn’t know how to pronounce their name! I’m sure you’ve seen “Teva” in print (or maybe even on the sole of your favorite pair of sandals!). The word means “Nature” in the Hebrew language.

Now if you’re like most people I know, you pronounce that as “Tee-va”. Though you’re not quite positive that’s correct, so you sorta say it fast and mumble, in case the person you’re talking to knows for sure!

I finally settled this once and for all (thanks to Twitter) today. From Twitter:

“@TevaMeansNature so, settle this please: is it “tEEva” (long e) or “tEva” (short e) The world wants to know! :-)”

And the reply:

“@ChesterHull GREAT question. It’s Tev-ah not Tee-va. Too funny, thanks for the question. http://bit.ly/40jJfv”

You’ll notice the link, which lead me to:

So I got to thinking, how can you help your customer’s experience in your marketing? One way is by capitalizing on the difficulty in pronouncing your name! (This is especially helpful for the introverted consumer!)Teva has done this in a way that has fun, and makes you feel great about the company. They’re not correcting you with their ad, simply helping you expand your understanding!All while showing you their equipment in action.

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to address it head-on!

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