Hand it over (part duex)

Pass along as Much Information as Possible

If you are transferring someone, pass along as much information as possible. The person’s name, why he is calling, anything you’ve done so far to try to resolve the situation or answer the question, and even the caller’s mood.

If you’re on the receiving end of a transfer, let the caller know you have his information. You can do so simply by greeting him with his name, and then saying, “Joan gave me your information, and it looks like you need some help with resetting your debit card pin?” That’s both a summary, as well as a question to confirm that you understand why the person is calling.

Here is something else interesting about an assisted transfer. Lots of times, I hear a person answer the ringing phone, begin the transfer, and then yell across the room to let the called party know who is calling him! An assisted transfer would have allowed the person to use the phone as an intercom, delivering the information without having to yell!


Make Sure the Transfer Goes Through

When you do a transfer, make sure it goes through before you hang up. I’ve been bounced around companies multiple times because someone simply answered the phone, transferred me into oblivion, and moved on to the next caller. It only takes a moment to make sure the person you are transferring the caller to is the correct person, and whether he is available, or if you can connect the caller to him in some other way.


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