Engage your caller.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference for your Caller Experience. I’m talking about the order in which you present the options in your Auto-Attendant.

Recently we were asked to do a Caller Experience Evaluation for a client who told us that most of their callers to this phone number would be potential clients, as existing clients were given direct access phone numbers. When we evaluated their greeting, we found that the first two options given were:

  • “If you have an active user account, please press 1”, and
  • “If you are calling to re-activate your account, please press 2”

Both of these options were only of interest to EXISTING clients, not potential new clients. If a prospective client was calling in, they had to wait until Option 3 (“To learn more about our service…”) or Option 4 (“If you’re ready to purchase…). While some may hang on the phone long enough to get to those, the client was missing out on engaging those prospects right up front.

Be sure your phone system is speaking to the caller, in the language the caller speaks…and is giving them the options they are looking for right up front. Prospective customers are sometimes skittish…don’t give them any reason to hang up the phone!

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  1. Dave Young says:

    Chester…I wish United Airlines would hire you. I HATE their automated attendant.

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