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Prosound’s new home online

Wow, we made it! A few of you have been privy to the fact that we’ve been working hard since early November to create a brand new website for Prosound. And it’s finally launched! You’ll find our new home at We’re really proud of it!

With the tremendous experience and guidance of Paul Boomer (aka “Boomer”) and Dave Young, (two of the partners at Wizard of Ads, Inc., a research and consulting organization based on Austin, Texas), we were able to do an extensive amount of research into why customers and potential clients come to our site, what information they are looking for, and how to best present that to them.

We also were able to integrate our blog platform with our website, so both now share a consistent look and feel.

Beyond just the design and the scripting, a website is only as valuable as it’s analytics, and Dave and Boomer are experts at testing, tweaking, testing, tweaking, and fully optimizing the site, based on how visitors are actually browsing!

I’m sure that some of you have been putting off creating (or re-creating) your website for far longer than you should have! If you’re ready to invest the time and effort to make your website work for you, I highly¬†recommend¬†contacting Dave or Boomer.

I’m personally very excited about our Caller Experience Evaluation service that shows you what changes to your phone experience will optimize your customer service.

We’ve also implemented a new Support ticket system to enhance the way we receive and respond to any support request you have.

Enjoy the new site, and if you’re a current client, we’d love a testimonial from you!

If you’d like to find Dave or Boomer, feel free to contact them.

Dave is at:

Paul is at:

  • twitter: @paulboomer
  • (573) 268-4109

Thanks, and I’ll look forward to seeing you online!

Ghost voices on the phone?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling as a business owner…too much to do, and not enough time in the day to get it all done!

Such was the case with one of our clients recently. Their phones were answered by an auto-attendant, but the receptionist that recorded the main greeting had left the company…over a year prior!

Prosound was called in to evaluate the Auto-attendant message, and provide a more professional Caller Experience.

After evaluating the current message wording, voice, and options, we presented a number of wording and structure suggestions, as well as a voice style that fit the image of the company more closely.

For this scenario, we worked closely with the phone system provider to program the suggested changes as we loaded the new messaging.

The new Auto-Attendant message not only features a professional, clear voice, but is underlaid with music, providing a pleasing sound and flow to the message.

Planning, coordination, and implementation took less than a week, and we handled the bulk of the work ourselves. Freeing the business owner to focus on delivering great service!

Do you already know that your Caller Experience needs improving, but you just haven’t had the time to figure out how? Would a turn-key approach help your task load?

Transforming the Caller Experience…now that doesn’t sound scary!

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