Net7000 Network-connected On-Hold message player

Single and multi-site On-Hold message management is made simple with the Net7000.Net7000 On-Hold Message player The NET 7000 unit stores and continuously plays a digitized audio production for message on hold applications. The unit receives (pulls) audio and configuration updates over the internet from a Content Management System. Connection to a local area network is made by a standard Ethernet interface on the unit.



The NET7000 stores audio in standard mp3 formats. Mp3 bit rates of 32, 48, and 64 kbps are available. Depending on the bit rate used, the total memory of the unit can vary from approximately 7-14 minutes of storage.


Setup of this unit happens on Step 4 of our On-Hold message installation process. The unit has three connections:

  • Audio (to phone system)
  • Network (to network switch)
  • Power

Connect them in that order. But before pluggin in the power, connect the earbud to the 8ohm output, and stick that in your ear. As you power up the unit, it will read out the IP address it finds (via DHCP). Type that IP address in to your computer’s address bar, and a graphical user interface is presented to you for device configuration and audio adjustment. This page is available from any computer on the Local Area Network (LAN). (We can also password-protect that page if needed)

Volume/Tone Control

Feel free to adjust the volume and tone control by using a standard web browser (see above for details) Up and Down volume buttons are located on the unit as well. Both of these methods update  in real time on the machine.


The NET7000 periodically communicates to our Content Management System (CMS). Generally, this is done at defined intervals of time (typically every 1-12 hours). First the NET7000 unit identifies itself to the CMS by its serial number. After identification, the CMS will determine if there is a new audio file to download. It then pulls this file from the CMS and stores in flash memory. This “ping” back to our CMS represents infinitesimally small network traffic.

E-Mail Notification

We’ll setup the Content Management System to automatically notify you when your audio production has been changed.

Detailed Network Communication Information

All communication between the device and the Content Management System is via http protocol and is out-bound-only, over port 80. This is the standard internet communication protocol. As a result, firewall security is not a concern with IT professionals. Communication with the CMS does not jeopardize network security.